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FHRA Tampere
Hi ! You´ve just entered the FHRA Tampereen seutu ry Web sites!

FHRA Tampereen seutu ry was founded in 1979 with the goals to make the car hobby more known among ordinary people. All kinds of cars are welcome to our club activities, where you can find Hot Rods, Street Rods, Customs, Originals and Vintage Cars. Owning a hobby car is not a condition for being a member in club. For kids and teens we have a special model club.

There are many club activities during a year for the members, like club evenings, car meetings, swap markets and pick nicks. Members get free "Roddari-magazine" which is issued six times a year. Members also get free entry for instance to the Hot Rock & Rock Show and Swap Meets.

In the club house members can restore their cars and spend nights in "Saloon 43" which includes bar and pool. Members also get car insurance reductions and lower prices for Silja Line ferriews etc.

Events: Hot Rod & Rock Show in April. The Most valued and international car show in Finland. Over 200 vehicles outside Finland have been exhibited in Hot Rod & Rock Show during the years 1983-1998. The famous ZZ Top vehicles "Cadzzilla" and "Hogzzilla" exhibited in 1992. In 1999 we have 20 th anniversary!

October Swap Meet & Winter Swap Meet. Both swaps are amoung the biggest ones here in Finland.

Haveri Summer Meet. A summer party with live Rock ´n roll music and barbeques.

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