A Showstopper VW-Lowrider

A Showstopper VW-Lowrider

Yearmodel 1970. Factory rebuild fullchromed stock 1300 engine, guaranteed 20.000 miles. Fenders and running boards made wider (steel). Suspension lowered and with 13 inch Western Wiremags the car is really low. Hijackers rear. 70 louvers in the hood and 25 on the trunk lid, USA blinkers and tail lights and many original chrome items see photo. Dummy spots, tinted windows etc, etc.

Interior white buttoned leather, the headliner also but without buttons. Painted in Royal Blue Flake with handmade pinstripes by ”kontinental grahix”. Awarded only first prizes in many car shows in Scandinavia. All trophies and documents follow the car. Asking 55.000 FIM, o.b.o.

Phone int: +358 3 223 1955, fax int: +358 3 222 0213.


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